This is an example of some of my flash design. Flash has bee used a lot less by designers over the last few years for these kinds of files. Most mobile devices like iPads and iPhones do not support .swf files. If you are looking at this on your laptop or desktop you should be able to play with this. You can change melodies on the left and change scratch records on the right. You can scratch over the music by passing your mouse over the hot spots. View--->

A few years ago I asked a young kid with a lot of talent named Malcolm Miller to join MLK. He and his friend Brian formed the group the Ill Spoken. While they were working on their album I filmed and edited their first video "Trying to get Blazed". Young Malcolm went on to become the superstar Mac Miller no more than 1 year after this video. Brian (Beedie) has also created a large fan base here in Pittsburgh and a fair amount of fame in his own. View--->

After the great success and popularity of the Squirrel Hill mural I designed, which became the cultural flag for the district, I decided to design a similar mural for Oakland in the hopes that it too would become a flag for the district. In the end Oaklanders were looking for something different, which would make them stand out and not look too much like Squirrel Hill. It was however a beautiful piece which was warmly received. View--->

I’ll be the first to admit this piece is a little quirky. A few years ago when I was trying to learn flash, I created this high-jacked Tetris using my own graphics. You will need flash to play this game. The design is funny, but it is just as addictive as the original Tetris game. View--->

This is simply a really nice photo of me hard at work on a mural. The image in the background is the under painting to a mural designed by one of my really close friends and associates Kyle Holbrook founder and CEO of MLK. This mural is by the Kingsley Center off East Liberty blvd. Most of the work we did at MLK was collaborative between several artists and community members. This one is one of my personal favorites, and I have warm memories of painting it with my close friends. View--->

This is my hobby car, a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Classic. I purchased it from a woman in East Liberty about five years ago. I have been working on it ever since. I recently had some friends put in a new 350 engine to replace the original 305. It has 22” wheels which I keep really clean. The woman I purchased the car from kept it in good shape. It has no rust and under sixty thousand miles. In fact she even kept the original plastic on the seats. View--->

This was a 1980 Monte Carlo I picked up in LA back in 2003. In 2006 it burned alive in Florida. The funny story that goes with this photo is my cousin knocked on the door of a near by house while it was smoking to ask for a fire extinguisher, but instead the guy came out with a short hose and a camera. There was a series of photos of my cousin trying to sprinkle water on the car while it went up in flames. About a year after Monte burned up I ended up getting the Caprice.View--->

This was a video I made a few years back at a friends clothing store in Los Angeles. They had turntables in the back and there was usually someone chopping up records while people shopped around the store. I shot a short clip of one session and had some fun with motion graphics over the video. View--->